Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. Birthday Cake
I have been wanting to create a Mario cake for sometime now.  I was thrilled when I surprisingly got this order 2 days before they needed it.  While they said that they wanted a Mario cake and it needed not be fancy, I knew it need be. Cakes are more fun when they are fancy.
The top tier is a chocolate cake- mushroom!
Here we have the man-eating plant.
 Eat this piece and you will receive fire power!  At the bottom sits a red turtle shell.
 The mushroom man will kill you but he is so cute! 
There is so much expression in that tiny body.
 This is the back of the cake.
 Mario himself made and appearance!

This was one of my favorite cakes to date. 
I loved that my husband and I 'researched' the cake by playing Mario Wii.
I love that we worked on it together.
I love that it brought back many memories.
I love that it was totally unexpected by the customers.
I love when everything comes together.  
I love when it is fun.

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