Monday, November 8, 2010

What started as a hobby...

Last October I took an introductory cake decorating class and fell in love with it.  I love the many challenges and the rewards that cake brings.  I have made many cakes for friends and learned a little more with each one of them.  What started as a hobby is now my focus and (hopefully) soon will be a business. 
Here are some of the cakes I have made so far.

This is the first cake I made for someone else and ALSO my first fondant cake. 
I love this design for Alexis' princess party!

This is a ladybug cake made for Miss Corbyn's 1st birthday. 
It was a yellow cake covered with marshmallow fondant. 
This cake taught me a big lesson in tinting icing red and black! 
The cake pictured here is the main cake for the party. 

To go with the cake I threw in ladybug cupcakes. 
They are yellow cake as well with buttercream frosting. 
They went perfect with the theme!

What is a 1st birthday party without a SMASH cake for the birthday girl? 
This is a GIANT cupcake covered in buttercream frosting. 
This is my favorite and Corbyn's as well. 
She was covered in it! 

 Sweet 16 Taryn!

This topper is a bow made of fondant.

Cake Dots!
These Cake Dots were made for my friend Cari's wedding shower. 
They are great when you need an alternative to traditional cake and can come in many colors and flavors.

Manzer Wedding Cake
Not only did I get to make the cake dots for Mrs. Cari, I also got to make her wedding cake!
This was my first wedding cake and largest cake I have made to date. 

Candy Corn Cake
This is a cake I made for my kindergarten class' Halloween party.

Party like a Rock Star!
This is a cake fit for a Super Cool 6 year old's rock star celebration!

Scooby Dooby Doo!!!
My nephew, Bryson, turned 5 and really wanted a Mystery Machine Cake. 
Here is the result!

Miss Parker turned 1! 
My best friend Mary asked me to make her daughter's 1st birthday cake. 
I was completely honored that she trusted me with such an important part of the party. 
The main cake was a 2 tier white cake covered in marshmallow fondant. 
The SMASH cake was a giant cupcake covered in buttercream icing.

More pictures coming soon!

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